SupplySide West 2017

Sep 2017


Lallemand Health Solutions
Lallemand Health Solutions, a pioneer in probiotic solutions, unveils its range of probiotics for children and teenagers at Supply Side West, September 25-29, 2017. The company offers specific probiotic strains and formulations combined with specifically designed delivery forms and flavors to target the needs of children, teenagers, and health conscious parents. Three key areas can be addressed with well documented probiotic strains: immune defenses, stress and oral health. This approach will be presented in more details at the Probiotics Resource Center on September 27, at 2:40 by Isabelle Champié. The company will also showcase its range of complete probiotic solutions for other specific areas: Gastro intestinal health, immunity, stress and mood balance (brain gut axis), women’s health, oral health and active people. September 27, 2:40 PM IPA Probiotics Resource Center: “Probiotics for Hearty Kids & Teens” by Isabelle Champié Sales & Marketing Director, Lallemand Health Solutions. 
Stand: AA181