Astaxanthin could reduce skin aging, finds AstaReal study


14 Aug 2017 --- Astaxanthin from the AstaReal Group has demonstrable benefits for the skin, according to a combined in vitro and in vivo clinical study sponsored by parent company Fuji Chemical Industries Co, Ltd. The company, which specializes in the naturally occurring carotenoid astaxanthin, reports that a cell assay was performed to analyze effects of astaxanthin on skin cells (epidermal keratinocytes) when exposed to UV-B irradiation.

After this, a clinical study measuring wrinkle depth and skin moisture was conducted on 65 healthy females of 35-60 years. Additional tests were conducted on the cells of the stratum corneum to investigate the level of inflammatory cytokines.

The study was conducted in Japan from August to December, during the period with the most adverse seasonal conditions for skin, which was reportedly seen in the worsening of the skin moisture and deep wrinkles in the placebo group. However, despite the conditions, the company says that the natural astaxanthin group maintained their skin condition and significant worsening was not observed.

The findings of this study suggest that AstaReal’s astaxanthin has the potential to inhibit inflammation-mediated skin deterioration, such as wrinkle formation and seasonal skin moisture decline, thereby slowing skin aging as it progresses.

AstaReal’s press release asserts that the study: “proved that the long-term, anti-inflammatory effect of AstaReal astaxanthin supplementation may fight skin deterioration caused by seasonal changes in humidity and sunlight, and consequently slow the skin aging process.”
The company reports that the study builds upon previous studies by AstaReal which have shown that natural astaxanthin can improve moisture content; texture; elasticity; fine lines and wrinkles; sebum production; trans-epidermal water loss; and age spots in skin.
Tominaga, Kumi, et al. "Protective effects of astaxanthin on skin deterioration." Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, vol. 61, no. 1, 2017, pp. 33-39., doi:10.3164/jcbn.17-35.


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