Botanical extracts with functional carriers tout added health benefits 


12 Jun 2018 --- New lines of botanical extracts with functional carriers  – buckwheat and spelt – on the market aim to offer extra health boosts, company Lehvoss/Gee Lawson and their botanical manufacturer partner Nating have announced. The new lines are promoted as containing higher levels of fiber and vitamins, among other health benefits.

Most standardized dried extracts and powders are supported on carriers such as maltodextrin and silicon dioxide, according to the Italian company, Nating. However, the use of functional carriers has been demonstrated, through in vitro studies, to have added benefits such as a lower glycemic index compared to the standard carriers.

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Nating buckwheat field

“There is a big trend in the food market for these kinds of ingredients (pasta with spelt and pasta with buckwheat), so we at Nating decided to do something similar in the nutraceutical market. Buckwheat is really interesting because it is totally allergen free so it’s for celiac too,” Alessia Mattiello, Sales Director at Nating, tells NutritionInsight.

Furthermore, by adding buckwheat into the production process, these botanical extracts may benefit from flavonoids such as rutin and quercetin, with traditionally strong antioxidant and blood vessel protection properties. The high fiber content also facilitates and regulates intestinal transit and may act as a potent appetite suppressant.

Concerning the spelt-based botanical line, the natural levels of selenium are one of the key benefits, according to the companies. Selenium can be associated with strong hair and nails. Spelt is also rich in beta-glucans proteins, vitamins and mineral salts and low in fats.

Teresita Ruda, Marketing Manager at Lehvoss/Gee Lawson provided further details to NutritionInsight, stating that rice could also work as a botanical carrier, but for now, spelt and buckwheat are the focus due to their enhanced health benefits. Furthermore: “The botanical extracts are available now, and we have started to see interest from some of your key customers. So we hope to see some innovative products on the market soon.”

Nating Ingredients is part of the Gee Lawson offer, distributed in Europe by Lehvoss Group. 

NutritionInsight has recently published an analysis feature on trends within the application of botanical ingredients. 


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