Immune Health

Antibiotic innovation: Research group calls for 50 percent investment increase as resistance threats intensify

22 Jan 2018 --- The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed antibiotic resistance to be one of the three greatest threats to human health today, as bacteria become increasingly resistant and too few treatments are being developed to combat them. The research project DRIVE-AB, a consortium managed by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and AstraZeneca, has determined that a market entry reward of $1 billion per antibiotic globally could significantly increase the number of new antibiotics coming to the market in the next 30 years.

Kemin and Valensa partner on algae-sourced beta-glucans for immunity

29 Sep 2017 --- Kemin Industries and Valensa International have partnered up to jointly supply and market BetaVia ingredients, immune-supporting beta-glucans sourced from a proprietary strain of algae (Euglena gracilis), in the US dietary supplement and functional food and beverage markets. 

FrieslandCampina, NIZO, NutriLeads Join Forces to Accelerate Health Benefits Development

08 Jun 2017 --- FrieslandCampina, NIZO and NutriLeads are joining forces in the Challenge consortium, which will aim to develop new food ingredients that will support resistance to infections, as well as affordable and predictive research models in healthy volunteers to allow companies accelerated market access.

Vitamin D Supplementation During Pregnancy Helps Protect Babies Against Asthma

30 May 2017 --- Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy can positively modify the immune system of the newborn baby, according to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. A boost to the immune system could help protect the child against asthma and respiratory infections, a known risk factor for developing asthma in childhood.

Enhancing Immunity: 10 NPD Examples

22 Dec 2016 --- Global new product launches positioned on an immunity platform continue to increase, with +5% growth recorded in 2015 from 2014. Excluding the Baby Food category, the leading sub-categories for immune health product launch activity are Sports Powders, Juice & Juice Drinks, Tea, Drinking Yogurt/Fermented Beverages and Hard Candy.

KEY INTERVIEW: Growth for the Krill Oil Market

20 Dec 2016 --- RIMFROST AS, a Norwegian vertically integrated krill company offering krill oil and krill powder to the world's food supplement markets, was granted regulatory approval in Brazil back in September. The approval marked a milestone for the company, which has been working towards entering the South American market. The health and wellness market remains strong in Brazil, and consumers are increasingly looking for natural products with a high degree of added value, something that RIMFROST are sure they are able to provide.

Dietary Glycemic Index Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in Select Populations

04 Mar 2016 --- Consuming a diet with a high glycemic index (GI) was independently associated with increased risk of developing lung cancer in non-Hispanic whites, according to a new study from The University of Texas.

Zinc Supplements Boost Serum Zinc And Immunity In Older Adults

29 Jan 2016 --- The immune system weakens as the body ages, making older adults more susceptible to infections. Low levels of zinc impair immunity, particularly in older adults. A research team set out to determine if it was feasible to increase serum zinc concentrations in older adults in nursing homes who were zinc-deficient. Their work appears today in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Study Suggests Potential to Predict Peanut Allergy Therapy Outcomes

27 Jan 2016 --- Oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy induces early, distinct changes in immune T-cell populations that potentially may help researchers determine which people will respond well to the therapy and which immune mechanisms are involved in the response, a new study suggests. The work was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, and conducted by scientists at Stanford University.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Selenium Supplementation for Immunity

13 Jan 2016 --- A more thorough evaluation of selenium supplementation is needed to better understand its benefits to our immune system, and the risks.

Link Found Between Processed Foods and Autoimmune Diseases

08 Jan 2016 --- In today’s busy modern world, processed foods are commonplace time-savers. But that convenience factor may come with a bigger price tag than previously known, says an international team of researchers. In findings published earlier this year in Autoimmunity Reviews, researchers from Israel and Germany present evidence that processed foods weaken the intestine’s resistance to bacteria, toxins and other hostile nutritional and not nutritional elements, which in turn increases the likelihood of developing autoimmune diseases.

Wellmune Moves the Sports Nutrition Market Into Immune Health

07 Aug 2015 --- 2015 has been a monumental year for Biothera, the maker of Wellmune, a proprietary strand of baker’s yeast that was launched in to strengthen the immune systems of a wide range of consumers. The vital ingredient, beta glucan, has now been proven to boost the immunity of recreational athletes, as well as seasoned athletes, while globally, consumers are increasingly looking for products to protect their immune health. Chief executive Rich Mueller spoke to FoodIngredientsFirst about how the market is changing and how Wellmune is ready to pick up the trend.  

High Beer Consumption May Increase Exposure to Mycotoxins

23 Jun 2015 --- Researchers from the University of Valencia (Spain) have analysed the mycotoxins produced by certain microscopic fungi in the beer and dried fruits, such as figs and raisins, confirming that these products meet food regulations. Only for heavy beer drinkers - who drink more than a litre a day -, the contribution of this commodity to the daily intake is not negligible, approaching or even exceeding the safety levels.

Antimalarial Tea May Move From Herbal Remedy to Licensed Phytomedicine

15 Apr 2015 --- Malaria is a critical health problem in West Africa, where traditional medicine is commonly used alongside modern healthcare practices. An herbal remedy derived from the roots of a weed, which was traditionally used to alleviate malarial symptoms, was combined with leaves and aerial portions from two other plants with antimalarial activity, formulated as a tea, and eventually licensed and sold as an antimalarial phytomedicine.

Lonza Awarded Patent for Larch Arabinogalactan and Adaptive Immune Response

02 Oct 2014 --- Lonza has been awarded a new patent for the ability of its ResistAid larch arabinogalactan, when administered with a vaccine, to enhance the adaptive immune response. The patent, No. US 8,784,844 B2, entails arabinogalactan’s ability to elicit a beneficial response from the adaptive immune system when administered with a vaccine in subjects prior, during and after the phase of exposure to a foreign antigen.

Valensa Introduces 1,3 Beta Glucan Targeting Immune Health Formulations

01 Oct 2014 --- Valensa International has announced that it will market and formulate a proprietary, new form of beta glucan for the human health market. Called IMMUNUM PRO, the new ingredient is a harvested Euglena algae that delivers >65% 1,3 beta glucan by weight – the highest level of beta glucan provided from any natural source without additional processing.

Children’s Beverage for Immunity Launched Containing Wellmune WGP

30 Jul 2014 --- Immune-boosting Wellmune WGP from Biothera is a key ingredient in I Mune Nurture, a new all-natural fruity water beverage designed to strengthen the immune systems of children ages 2-5 I Mune Nurture is the third Wellmune-containing beverage from UK-based Natural Immune Products Ltd., which won “Best Functional Water” honors for Mune at the 2013 Beverage Innovation Awards presentation at Drinktec.

“Nanojuice” Could Improve How Doctors Examine the Gut

07 Jul 2014 --- University at Buffalo researchers are developing a new imaging technique involving nanoparticles suspended in liquid to form "nanojuice" that patients would drink. Upon reaching the small intestine, doctors would strike the nanoparticles with a harmless laser light, providing an unparalleled, non-invasive, real-time view of the organ.

Lallemand Receives EU Marketing Authorization for VitaD Bakers Yeast

02 Jul 2014 --- 3 Jul 2014 Lallemand has announced that following EFSA’s earlier positive recommendation, the European Commission has now granted marketing authorization for VitaD baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which means manufacturers can now add health claims to their packaging when they use this product.

ResistAid Product Shown to Enhance Immune Response at Lower Dosage

14 Nov 2013 --- New research demonstrates the ability of ResistAid, Lonza’s proprietary, arabinogalactan-based immune support ingredient, to increase the antibody response in healthy adults after exposure to the Tetanus vaccine. Conducted at a dosage of 1.5 g/day, the study finds the efficacy of ResistAid at a significantly lower dosage, as compared to the 4.5 g/day that was previously found to be effective.