Colpex attains Friend of the Sea certification for omega 3 fish oil


26 Feb 2018 --- Peruvian company Colpex International has attained Friend of the Sea's certification for fish oil sourced from anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) fished in the South East Pacific Ocean (FAO Area 87). Colpex is a producer of semi-refined, fully refined and concentrated fish oils and among the top 10 Peruvian fish oil exporters. Friend of the Sea's standard for sustainable fish feed, fish meal, fish oil and omega 3 certifies that the oil originates only from fisheries that are compliant with Friend of the Sea’s sustainable fishing requirements (including good fishery management, selective fishing gears and social responsibility) and that a full chain of custody is in place throughout the supply and production chain. 

Engraulis ringens is sourced using Friend of the Sea approved purse seine fleets and processed in line with a responsible production protocol. A reliable chain of custody is maintained throughout the supply chain from fisheries to manufacturing facilities, ensuring that mixing with non-certified raw materials will not occur, Friend of the Sea reports. 

Click to Enlarge“Being internationally recognized as a Friend of the Sea’s certified company reconfirms our commitment in having an active role in the preservation and protection of the marine environment” comments Ivana Kostic, Commercial Manager at Colpex. 

“Considering that our industry relies on a natural resource, implementing and promoting a sustainable approach helps us spread the importance of our oceans throughout our supply chain as well as within our organization”. 

Regarding the certification, Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea, comments: “We are very pleased that such an important player in the fish oil industry in Peru decided to join our cause and advocate for a better and sustainable management of natural resources in the area.”

Sustainability and the notion of a circular economy are high on both the industry and consumer radar, with “Mindful Choices” and “Going Full Circle” among Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2018. One of the most important sustainability platforms relates to fish & seafood. The market researcher also notes “Ocean Garden” as one of its 2018 trends, where the industry is looking towards the sea as a source for ingredients and more holistic nutrition inspiration. 

The rise of seafood as a staple alternative protein is clear. One in two US and UK consumers would consider fish & seafood as an alternative to meat (2017 consumer study), with industry responding to this consumer interest with a +12 percent rise reported in fish & seafood applications (2012-2016, global).

For Bray, sustainability is now a must when compared to organic certification, which is more of a plus. “It is a must in the sense that consumers expect it. If your company is not putting effort into it, sooner or later you will have some trade problems as retailers are requesting and expecting that you look into this. Resultantly, there is a higher risk of being the subject of negative campaigns from NGOs, as has been seen in the past,” he told NutritionInsight’s sister website, FoodIngredientsFirst, in December.

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