Cryptokiwi: Detoxwater launches plant-based beverage for kiwi and bitcoin fans


08 Mar 2017 --- Detoxwater, maker of a range of aloe-infused waters, has launched a new kiwi infused product coined Cryptokiwi. The drink's kiwi flavor is inspired by NBA basketball player and Detoxwater fan, Mason Plumlee, with kiwi being his top flavor choice. The launch fits well within the current trend toward plant-based drinks, which have experienced market growth in recent times due to their healthful image.

Founded in 2015 by Kenneth Park, Detoxwater uses aloe vera ingredients, vitamins and electrolytes. The brand – whose image is positioned as “healthy and light” – has experienced growth over the past three years, “I'm beyond excited to finally be able to share Cryptokiwi with our consumers who have been instrumental in our enormous growth in the last year and eagerly awaiting a line extension,” Park commented.

Click to EnlargeAn interesting addition to the launch is the announcement that Detoxwater may begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment later this spring. This is mirrored in the name of the water; Cryptokiwi. Detoxwater seems to be trying to stay ahead in technological trends as well as soft drink trends.

“With Mason on board as a partner to help promote the flavor and tying it to cryptocurrency, we feel extremely well-positioned to make a splash and resonate with our loyal fans and reach new ones.”

Innova Market Insights notes that consumers view flavored or fortified water as a way to boost nutrient intake. Beyond fortification, like vitamin waters, the category is expanding to include plant-based waters that consumers believe may have health benefits outside just hydration.

Plant-based waters are one of the smallest sub-categories in soft drinks regarding launch activity, with around 2.8 percent of the total, but this is up dramatically from 1.1 percent in 2012, Innova Market Insight data shows, demonstrating the potential for this small subcategory of soft-drinks.

Cryptokiwi will be available from spring 2018, a Detoxwater press release notes, adding that its products are certified USDA Organic, OU Kosher, vegan and gluten-free. 


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