Enzymotec Improves K•REAL By Going TMAO-Free


18 Jan 2017 --- Krill Oil supplier, Enzymotec has unveiled an improved grade of its K•REAL krill oil, which they state is guaranteed to be “T-free”, and offers enhanced levels of freshness.

Produced using Enzymotec’s MSO 2.0 process, K•REAL contains no trimethylamine (TMA), the volatile molecule that gives rotting fish its unpleasant smell.

It is also free of trimethylamine-oxide (TMAO), a compound found in marine products that has been linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Scientific and popular awareness of the dangers of TMAO is rising and there is likely to be increased demand for “T-free” supplements in the coming years.

Enzymotec’s TMAO-free process is patent pending, which means the company is perfectly positioned to supply its customers with krill oil that meets consumers’ needs in the future.

Speak to NutritionInsight, Itay Shafat, PhD, Senior Scientist Nutrition for R&D at Enzymotec said: “The issue of TMAO needs to be looked upon with the correct perspective. For example, fish are a rich source for dietary TMAO, and we all know fish are good for us. TMAO is also produced naturally in the gut due to the activity of our resident microbiota (AKA gut bacteria). Nonetheless, since TMAO is shown again and again in clinical studies to be unhealthy, a brand using a TMAO-free krill oil is better positioned and better protected: better positioned to react to public awareness about TMAO, and better protected from possible future regulatory limitations on the levels of TMAO in krill oil.”   

“As regards to the krill market we believe the in the future TMAO level will be part of the regulation. Saying that, a brand that will not use krill supply with low TMAO will need to find supplier which meets the regulation,” he added. 

Tests using an in vitro stomach model have also shown K•REAL to be five to ten times more resistant to oxidation than competitor krill products. The rate of oxidation is important because it determines the efficacy of the krill oil when it is consumed in a dietary supplement.

Avner Avissara, VP Marketing & Sales for Enzymotec’s Nutrition Division, said: “MSO 2.0 is a unique multi-stage oil extraction process that results in a krill oil with exceptional freshness, superb oxidation resistance and which is both T-free and may bear the low sodium claim in EU. K•REAL responds to consumer demand for dietary supplement products that are efficacious, safe and easy to use.”

“It is produced according to USP monograph and I believe that no other krill oil delivers such a compelling package of benefits.”

by Hannah Gardiner


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