Glanbia targets modern lifestyle demands with new performance nutrition ingredients 


17 May 2018 --- Glanbia Nutritionals has launched two new performance nutrition ingredients for formulation in functional beverages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ignitor and WheyXR were developed to enhance amino acid release, allowing manufacturers to maximize the health benefits of protein supplementation. Both ingredients target the ever-expanding market for sports nutrition options and were included in its range of prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe 2018, which showcased Glanbia’s portfolio and applications expertise.

Dagmar Ortlepp, Marketing Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals, tells NutritionInsight that the company’s offering at Vitafoods are part of the blurring line between sports nutrition and mainstream. 

“With people becoming more health conscious than ever before, we are certain that this year’s solutions will offer targeted nutritional benefits to meet consumers’ growing needs,” she says. 

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Left to right: Smoothie, vanilla mocha,
Trulypure Whey and Truly Ignited Whey.

Ignitor, an amino acid release matrix, comprises a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes and has been developed with the aim of optimizing the release of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine when added to protein formulations. 

Consumers of a high protein diet commonly experience difficulty digesting large amounts of protein, presenting gastrointestinal symptoms including constipation, bloating and excess flatulence. According to the company, the addition of protein-digesting enzymes, such as Ignitor amino acid release matrix, helps overcome this problem by assisting with the breakdown of proteins to release amino acids. 

The launch of Ignitor comes following the company’s research which highlights how the ingredient can specifically target release of individual BCAAs or glutamine. According to a simulated gastrointestinal study, 150mg of Ignitor can release three times more glutamine from whey protein concentrate than 2500mg of another leading enzyme ingredient, and over four times more than endogenous enzymes alone.  

“The nice thing about Ignitor is that it has a great efficiency profile,” Ortlepp tells NutritionInsight. “It has been compared with a competitor and we really can show that it twice as good for leucine and BCAA release and even three times as effective for glutamine release, with less product.”

The company has also launched WheyXR, a whey protein concentrate developed for post workout or night time recovery products. Modified with advanced protein polymerization technology, doubling the size of protein particles compared to regular whey proteins, WheyXR, provides larger protein mass, which turns into robust protein gels when subjected to low pH in the stomach. These robust protein gels are less susceptible to enzymatic digestion, meaning the release of amino acids is extended. 

Simulated hydrolysis studies have shown that WheyXR is 47 percent less digested after six hours compared to regular whey. The slower digestion rate provides a more sustained supply of amino acids and makes WheyXR an ideal source of amino acids for post workout or night time recovery products, Glanbia reports.

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At Vitafoods 2018, Glanbia Nutritionals showcased a Truly Ignited Whey product concept which combines Truly Grass Fed WPI, Ignitor enzyme amino acid release matrix and a functional mineral mix of magnesium and potassium, for maximum intra-workout benefits. 

Further offerings included an orange and mango superfood smoothie, with nutritional super grains Choice Chia Black MP and BevGrad XS. The drink uses fresh juice stabilized through non-thermal high-pressure processing (HPP), allowing the nutrients to be retained without affecting taste. The chia provides an excellent source of fiber and protein, along with the BevGrad XS, a super-finely milled flaxseed with excellent dispersibility, imparts a superior smoothie texture that holds widespread appeal to consumers.

Fortified with a heart health-specific premix, containing vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E, as well as potassium, the drink is designed to contribute to normal heart function, maintain blood pressure and protect from oxidative stress. Each 330ml serving also delivers 2g of plant-based omega 3 from the super grains – aiding normal blood cholesterol levels. 

In addition, Glanbia presented a high protein vanilla mocha shake developed for young, active on-the-go consumers, who are seeking nutritional and functional beverage solutions to fit with their busy lifestyles. Containing WheyXR, the shake is designed to further the health benefits of protein supplementation in an active lifestyle. 

The company calls the prototype “a much healthier way to fuel their busy lifestyles than a soda or candy bar.” 

Combined with a tailored mix of vitamins and minerals which supports physical recovery and retains energy, contributing to normal immune system function and protecting the body from oxidative stress.

By Lucy Gunn

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