Holista Partners on "World’s Lowest GI White Bread"


27 Jan 2016 --- PANATURA GI’s nutritional claims, including further information and clarification of low-GI and clean labels, have been released. 

Following the global scientific breakthrough by ASX-listed and Malaysia-based Holista earlier this month, there has been significant interest in PANATURA GI, the world’s lowest GI-white bread.


The white bread, contains a blend of natural ingredients that significantly reduces the high blood sugar caused by consuming white bread and other bakery products.  Results have been validated by a leading university in Sydney, Australia.


The study confirms that white bread blended with Holista's proprietary GI Lite formula - made from extracts of okra (ladies' fingers), dhal (lentils), barley and fenugreek - and Veripan's natural sourdough PANATURA recorded a Glycemic Index (GI) reading of 53, the lowest level achieved worldwide by any clean-label white bread.


Dr Rajen Marnicka, Chairman and CEO of Holista, told NutritionInsight: "The release of our low-GI formula comes at a time when the region’s increased wheat consumption has led to a rise in medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease. Our industry-changing ingredient has attracted significant interest since its announcement which is proof that Asian consumers are hungry for healthier carbohydrate-based products."

The global white bread market is worth US$170 Billion.  Holista has carried other low-GI work: "We have already clinically tested and proven low GI versions of muffins, biscuits and cookies at a leading testing center in Canada".  Low-Gi versions of brownies and pizzas are also planned.


By Kerina Tull


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