Hosoda Nutritional Launches New Resveratrol Product

07 Aug 2013 --- Hosoda Nutritional, a Japanese nutrient ingredients company, has introduced Melinjo Resveratrol for the global supplement market. Melinjo Resveratrol is produced exclusively by Hosoda Nutritional in the new extraction plant in Java, Indonesia.

The product has been in the market in Japan for several years with good sales and Melinjo Resveratrol is now being introduced to major accounts in the United States.

Melinjo Resveratrol is a natural, unaltered resveratrol source extracted from the seeds of the melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) tree. This tree is native to Southeast Asia and melinjo is the common Indonesian name for the plant. Melinjo is commonly cultivated throughout Indonesia and the seeds, leaves and flowers are used as an ingredient in many dishes served on important traditional occasions. For instance, the seeds of melinjo are used for producing emping; a cracker, one of the staples in the Indonesian kitchen.

Melinjo seed contains an abundance of resveratrol (stilbenoid) mainly in form of dimers (Gnetin C). Melinjo resveratrol has been studied for more than 10 years, principally by Japanese scientists. There is already a good level of clinical documentation and new studies are continuing to emerge. In addition to Melinjo Resveratrol’s anti-oxidative and anti-viral activities it may also reduce visceral fat and increase stamina in human beings.

Melinjo Resveratrol has been in the Japanese market for several years as a food ingredient and the sales continue to be strong. In the Japanese market Melinjo resveratrol is sold in nutritional formulations with other functional ingredients (for example royal jelly) and as a single supplement, “Resveratrol+.” Melinjo resveratrol is now being introduced to selected accounts in the United States and later in the Europe. Hosoda Nutritional is the only company supplying Melinjo resvetrarol for the Japanese as well as for the global markets.

Hosoda Nutritional is a part of the Hosoda SHC, a Japanese family company established in 1952. Located in Fukui prefecture, the company operates in different business areas with the focus on food industries, medical supplies and natural functional ingredients. Hosoda Nutritional has a long history working in Indonesia focusing on natural ingredients from Java. With a strong local presence working with three regional collection centers and with the new extraction plant, Hosoda Nutritional is in a perfect position to source valuable ingredients across the South East Asia.


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