Instant vitamin fix: Instavit launches children’s oral vitamin spray


07 Mar 2018 --- Oral spray provider Instavit has released a range specifically aimed at supporting the nutritional needs of children. The spray format is touted as being easier to stomach for the kids than traditional pills. This product joins an increasingly busy shelf of pill-free supplement delivery systems, such as gummies, gels, beadlets and now, sprays, offering increased convenience to users.

“Research shows 40 percent of adults hate swallowing pills and kids are no different,” says InstaVit inventor Dr. Jatin Joshi. “Not only as a doctor but also a parent, I know how difficult it is for our children to get the required vitamins they need for healthy development. That's why I expanded InstaVit's line to provide options especially formulated to meet the needs children have today. It's the foundation to good health and a bright future.”

Click to EnlargeThe sprays allow active ingredients to be quickly absorbed, without fillers, binders or excipients to tax the digestive system, according to InstaVit. 

Innovative supplement dosage forms
NutritionInsight has investigated innovative supplement delivery systems in a special report. Here, we spoke to Efrat Kat, VP Marketing & Sales at Algatechnologies who noted that, “Unique delivery formats is also a growing trend and we are seeing new types of beadlets, vegan capsules and liquid formulations on the rise.”

A key category seeing significant growth is gummy supplements. Emerging from the confectionery industry, this delivery form has seen a considerable increase in the dietary supplement market, with Innova Market Insights reporting a CAGR of 23.9 percent for this category over the past five years. In the US, the gummies category now represents “more than 10 percent of the supplement market, a statistic that is projected to grow by over 50 percent the next few years.” 

However, with the physical appearance of gummies resembling candy, some parents may be intrigued by the easy-to-use spray format. 

There is no health more critical than the health of children. Parents and manufacturers alike are continually striving to supplement children to give them the best nutritional start in life. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a vast number of people consume more calories than needed without taking in the appropriate number of nutrients. For children especially, calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium and vitamin E are crucial.

Although supplements are not an ideal replacement for the nutrients gained directly from food, they can be a welcome addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet for children. As long as the consumer is aware of the potential cross interaction between different ingredients and the optimal dosage amounts, adds Kat on this topic. InstaVit formulations for kids include “Kids Complete Multivitamin,” “Kids Natural Sleep” and “Kids Vitamin D3.” Their classic range for adults includes Vitamin D3, Sleep, B12, Instant Energy, Prenatal, Daily Health, Clearer Thinking and Immune Strength.


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