Lipofoods innovates with slow-release caffeine formulation for active lifestyles


13 Sep 2017 --- Lipofoods has announced its attempt to change the caffeine product space by launching NewCaff microcapsules, which are said to feature a natural, slow-release caffeine formulation for athletes and others living an active lifestyle. The company, which specializes in the development and production of microencapsulated functional ingredients, notes that it will introduce NewCaff microcapsules at SupplySide West, Las Vegas.

“NewCaff offers a few advantages for food manufacturers who like to provide a boost of caffeine to athletes and consumers with active lifestyles,” David Padro, Business Manager of Lipofoods, tells NutritionInsight. “It can mask the typical bitter taste of the caffeine effectively and [has a] sustained released effect which is a critical advantage for long term activities such as running. Consumers seek natural, plain ingredients on the label and NewCaff enables manufacturers to fulfill this demand.”

Click to EnlargeAccording to research data from Innova Market Insights, there was a 19 percent rise in product launches tracked with sports/recovery claims, and 14 percent for energy/alertness claims, from 2012 through 2016. These launches are increasingly targeting active lifestyles, moving outside traditional sports powders, drinks and bars to feature in a wide range of mainstream categories.

“Athletes seek natural solutions to increase their energy and maintain it for a longer time,” explains Isabel Gomez, Marketing Manager for Lipofoods. “Formulating sports and nutrition products with caffeine poses big challenges in both flavor and sustained action. NewCaff microcapsules [enable] a clean taste of sustained caffeine release.”

“Caffeine is very bitter, so formulators have to add several additives or ingredients to avoid this sensory issue. NewCaff overcomes this problem through microencapsulation technique and [avoiding the use of] artificial flavors,” adds Padro.

Formula tested by studies
In an in vitro study, the caffeine released from NewCaff microcapsules was tested following Health Canada’s official method to determine the disintegration time during the digestion process, Lipofoods reports. NewCaff microcapsules-60 and NewCaff microcapsules-75 are said to have shown good retention with improved sustained-release profiles compared with raw caffeine sources.

NewCaff microcapsules are available in two caffeine concentrations of 60 percent and 75 percent, providing different release profiles depending on customer preferences. “We [have] tested in our application lab a few products with NewCaff such as powder blends, gummies and sports gels,” says Padro of possible applications.

By Paul Creasy


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