MGP Underscores the Benefits of Fibersym RW Resistant Wheat Starch


08 Jun 2017 --- Alcohol products and food ingredients supplier MGP has announced the results of a number of studies into the effects of using its Fibersym RW resistant wheat starch. According to the company, research from the University of Nebraska shows that MGP’s Fibersym RW resistant wheat starch has outstanding functionality attributes in snacks, breakfast cereals and bread, in addition to its fiber fortification, calorie and carbohydrate reduction and other health-related benefits. 

At the University of Nebraska, direct and indirect expanded snacks formulated with Fibersym RW, which is Non-GMO Project Verified, demonstrated crispiness attributes. Additionally, in a published study conducted at Kansas State University, the same crisp texture was observed for extruded breakfast cereals containing Fibersym RW, which extended the bowl life of the cereal, the company reports. 

“Also, in white pan bread, we have data demonstrating that Fibersym RW outperformed other dietary fiber sources,” says Ody Maningat, Vice President of R&D and Chief Science Officer. 

“For example, loaf volume of bread formulated with Fibersym RW was similar to the control bread (no added fiber) but greater than the loaf volumes of bread produced using various other types of dietary fibers. Additionally, unlike loaves containing Fibersym RW, some of these samples required higher water absorption and/or longer mixing time and the inclusion of water in four stages to produce acceptable dough. The fiber sources were added to achieve five grams of fiber per a 50-gram serving size,” Maningat adds.

“Although similar to the control bread, the texture and eating quality of bread formulated with Fibersym RW have shown to be superior to bread samples made with other fiber-fortification ingredients. In our evaluations, Fibersym RW produced a tighter, more cohesive and smooth crumb texture, resulting in improved palatability and mouth feel.”

These, as well as other test results, “are indicative of the improved quality that Fibersym RW can add to bread and cereal formulations, along with the many proven physiological benefits it provides as a dietary fiber,” Dr. Maningat concludes.


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