Nexira Fibregum receives FODMAP friendly certification


23 Aug 2017 --- Natural and organic ingredients company Nexira has announced that its Fibregum product has been certified FODMAP friendly in Australia. The company describes Fibregum as an “all-natural range, with a guaranteed minimum content of 90 percent dietary fibers.” Nexira notes that the FODMAP Friendly program is the only registered certification trademark in the world, making Fibregum’s certification big news for the company. The program’s laboratory tests the FODMAP levels in food and gives the certification to the ones low in FODMAP.

Developed by researchers at Monash University in Australia, the low FODMAP diet is said to be scientifically proven as the most effective dietary approach for people with digestive disorders or symptoms of IBS. FODMAP is an acronym that stands for Fermentable, Oligosaccharide, Disaccharide, Monosaccharide and Polyols. These fermentable sugars are poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and so easily and quickly fermented by gut bacteria, causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms of gas, bloating and general discomfort for people who are susceptible to them. The benefits of Fibregum for such a diet were announced last month by Nexira.

FODMAP Friendly properties
“This certification will be highly interesting for food and beverages certified FODMAP friendly,” Julie Impérato, Nexira Marketing Manager, tells NutritionInsight. “We can even imagine co-branding partnerships with some products enriched with fibers thanks to our Fibregum. Our certification can be an additional guarantee of the high digestive tolerance for sensitive consumers.”

Nexira says that due to its highly branched structure, Fibregum, a non-digestible carbohydrate, has a high digestive tolerance and is gradually fermented from transverse colon to descending colon without generating discomforts. Moreover, with its guaranteed minimum content of 90 percent fiber, Fibregum is said to be a way to contribute to the dietary fiber intake.

Dietary fibers are essential for a healthy diet, Nexira notes. Benefits of a high-fiber diet are said to be numerous: to normalize bowel movements; to maintain bowel health; to control blood sugar and fat levels; and to maintain a healthy weight. Nevertheless, the company adds, global dietary fibers intake in still insufficient.

Bright future for low FODMAP
Fibregum is said to be a solution that can develop finished products rich in fiber and suitable for a low FODMAP diet. “Fibregum is easy to use and can be incorporated in a large range of applications. In the FODMAP friendly category, the main applications are bakery, cereals & bars and beverages,” says Imperato.

“Right now, FODMAP friendly products are mainly sold in Australia. The USA [is becoming] more and more interested in this category and products claiming low-FODMAP were launched last year,” Imperato notes. “And this trend is also coming to Europe.”

The certification could be the start of an upward trend for FODMAP friendly products. “70 million people around the world are suffering from digestive disorders,” adds Imperato. “People requiring a low FODMAP diet are 15 times more common than people requiring a gluten-free diet. These people are more and more aware that their diet has an effect on their well-being. That’s why we think that FODMAP friendly products will be a growing category.”

By Paul Creasy