Ocean Harvest Technology appoints Barentz Animal Nutrition as European distributor

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14 May 2018 --- Ocean Harvest Technology Limited of Ireland and Barentz International, headquartered in the Netherlands, have reached an agreement for Barentz Animal Nutrition to formally act as a distributor for the OceanFeed brand of proprietary blended seaweed products in a large part of Europe. 

The proprietary formulae of the OceanFeed branded products combine multiple species of brown, green and red macroalgae (seaweed) selected for their bioactive benefits including intestinal health balance, nutrient uptake and partial replacement of other feed ingredients. 

According to Ocean Harvest Technology, OceanFeed sustainable and natural products have been shown to improve feed intake, increasing performance, weight gain and fertility in livestock while allowing producers to reduce or remove antibiotic growth promotors. 

Next to this, OceanFeed products added in pet food for companion animals, have been proven to increase energy levels and stamina, as well as making the fur more shiny and soft, mainly as a result of the natural minerals in the seaweed, the company reports.

Ocean Harvest Technology is to partner with Barentz Animal Nutrition to deliver blended macroalgal products for the Swine, Bovine, Petfood and other segments. The two companies will work together in various geographies including Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland and Spain to improve animal health and nutrition to help serve customer needs.

“Ocean Harvest Technology’s products have been gaining traction in the US and Europe, particularly in the Swine and Bovine segments. The addition of Barentz to represent us as a partner in certain critical European markets will allow even more producers to benefit from these innovative feed ingredients,” says Graham Ellis, CEO of Ocean Harvest Technology. 

“We are very excited to be able to offer our clients the natural seaweed blends from the Oceanfeed™ product range, with all the positive effects it brings to animal health. We strongly believe in these sustainable and innovative solutions, and are convinced that our cooperation with Ocean Harvest Technology will be a great contributor to the continued growth of our business,” adds Tim Lemeer, Managing Director of Barentz Animal Nutrition.  


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