Peptan brand expands: Rousselot launches hydrolyzed collagen for healthy joints


15 Mar 2018 --- Rousselot, a global producer of gelatin for the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries, is introducing a new joint health supplement to the market: Peptan IIm, launched under their known Peptan brand. The product is a hydrolyzed collagen type 2 matrix, which may offer multiple benefits in the area of joint health. 

Peptan IIm has been shown to provide multiple benefits to joint health, such as promoting healthy cartilage, enabling smooth joint movement and reducing the effects of inflammation, as described by Rousselot. Together with hydrolyzed type II collagen, Peptan IIm also contains Glycosaminoglycan matrix components, which mimic the body’s natural proposition of the cartilage matrix.

NutritionInsight has previously reported on Rousselot's innovative usage of collagen in their Peptan brand. In fact, Boosted by a growing body of scientific research, collagen peptides have risen in popularity over the past years. Innova Market Insights figures show that there was a +34 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in new product launches for collagen peptides from 2010 to 2016. 

NuClick to EnlargetritionInsight formerly spoke to Lisette van Lith, Global Director of Rousselot's Peptan, and she speculated that the hydrolyzed collagen market especially has not yet reached maturity. Although the Japanese market is slightly more mature than other regions, there is still a lot of potential for growth globally. 

“With the product growing so fast, the challenge is to keep up with demand. What we like to do to support our products with science. There is still so much to discover, which leads not to challenges but opportunities,” she added.

The product will be displayed at Vitafoods 2018, in Geneva, along with two other innovative gelatin solutions. Gelatin is a market area that Rousselot is a global leader. The new product consists of a range of specific gelatins, offering superior protection of active ingredients, optimal shell stability and API release. 

Rousselot will also showcase SiMoGel for the production of gummies in a starchless environment


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