Plasma Nutrition Launches Reduced-Calorie Protein for Supplements


12 Jul 2017 --- New York-based tech startup Plasma Nutrition has launched its newest ingredient powered by Ingredient Optimized technology: IoProtein - Reduced Calorie, a whey protein with 26 percent fewer calories than standard WPI. According to the company, it is the world´s first reduced calorie protein for supplements.

The launch follows a research study by the University of South Florida (USF) showing that 20 grams of ioProtein - Reduced Calorie can achieve the same impact as 27 grams of standard WPI. The study was recently presented at the Annual Conference of the International Society of Sports Nutrition by lead researcher Dr. Bill Campbell, Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at USF.

ioProtein - Reduced Calorie has been shown to significantly increase resting metabolic rate, demonstrating its ability to deliver results regardless of one’s exercise routine. 

“This is a critical step as we continue to expand the value of our technology,” says Plasma Nutrition’s co-founder Stephen Motosko. “People shouldn't have to choose between high protein and their weight management or weight loss goals; they should be able to get both without compromise.”

ioProtein - Reduced Calorie is obtained through Plasma Nutrition’s patent pending Ingredient Optimized technology that changes the structure of proteins to increase their bioefficacy, helping the body to make the most of every gram.

“By applying our technology to create ioProtein - Reduced Calorie, brands can finally deliver products that help customers achieve all of their personal nutritional goals,” says co-founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski. “It can be a unique addition to a brand’s supplement offerings across many product categories, especially in the weight management space.”


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