Tate & Lyle and Shanghai Nutrition Society launch child health improvement program in China


02 Jan 2018 --- Tate & Lyle PLC has partnered with the Shanghai Nutrition Society, a Government-guided specialist academic organization, for the launch of a new Child Health Improvement Program at certain schools in Shanghai, China. The program’s aim is to help improve children’s diets and lifestyles and to build knowledge and data to help tackle rising levels of child overweight or obesity.

By 2030, one in four Chinese children over the age of seven is forecast to be overweight or obese, Tate & Lyle reports, and so government and expert nutrition organizations are seeking new ways to tackle the increasing level of childhood overweight and obesity. 

The new “Healthy Eating, Happy Learning” program sees children in two schools in the Shanghai's Pudong District benefit from healthier lunches, nutrition and health education and increased physical activity. As part of the program, the schools’ external lunchbox suppliers are being supported to adapt traditional Chinese dishes, for instance, to lower oil and to add vegetables. Parents and teachers are also learning about the importance of diet, nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle.
Around 1,000 students aged between six and nine are taking part in the two-year program. The health of the children is being monitored regularly and progress will be compared with children at another school in Shanghai which operates without a comprehensive health program. Tate & Lyle’s food scientists and nutritionists are helping to deliver classes and activities alongside the Shanghai Nutrition Society’s expert team and the schools’ teachers. Students and parents will have the opportunity to visit Tate & Lyle’s food kitchen in Shanghai to learn how to make nutritious and delicious meals.  

Click to EnlargeThe methodology and results of the program are to be assessed with a view to determining a model that could potentially be used in the future to improve the lives of more children, schools and families within China.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Shanghai Nutrition Society in such an important program. Obesity is a highly complex challenge affecting inpiduals, families and communities across the world.  We work with both large and small food manufacturers to help them lower sugar, fat and calories in food and drink, and we also work in local communities to promote healthier, balanced lifestyles,” says Mr. Harry Boot, Senior Vice President & General Manager Speciality Food Ingredients Asia Pacific at Tate & Lyle, pictured left with Mr Chen Yan Quan from Yangling Primary School. 

“Through our partnership with the Shanghai Nutrition Society our aim is not only to improve the health of children at schools in Shanghai but also to build key nutritional knowledge and data which can be used in the future to improve lives for generations,” Boot adds.
“Tate & Lyle’s action shows its sense of social responsibility. The Shanghai Nutrition Society is very happy to cooperate with enterprises in conducting student obesity intervention projects. Strengthening cooperation with food companies is one important measure in implementing a national nutrition plan, lowering the prevalence of obesity, and controlling chronic diseases,” notes Madam Guo Hong Wei, General Director at the Shanghai Nutrition Society. 

“Through this project, we will strengthen the monitoring and assessment of overweight and obese statuses in students, as well as analyze influencing factors, such as family, school and society. These activities are targeted, comprehensive intervention measures that have been proven to be effective by previous scientific studies and practices,” she concludes.


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