Special Report

Looking to the future of antioxidants

16 Aug 2017 --- As antioxidants maintain their popularity, companies that produce them are continually looking to future potential applications. Today, NutritionInsight concludes its special report by looking at the research that has been conducted into future opportunities for their use and ingredients that might be popular in the future. You can read the first part of our report here.

Antioxidants find new potential amid modern life’s demands

14 Aug 2017 --- Nutrition suppliers have been selling the benefits of antioxidants for some time, and the general public continues to show curiosity about their potential health and anti-aging benefits. Today, we take a look at the state of the market for antioxidants, which seem to be becoming ever more specialized and more responsive to other nutritional trends.

Supplier view on consumer trends in the nutritional space: Clean label and sustainability

07 Aug 2017 --- Consumers are stepping up their demands on the quality and sourcing of the foods, beverages and dietary supplements they purchase. Today, in the second part of a special report, NutritionInsight presents a list of the latest trends in natural ingredients, analyzed and expanded upon by a number of industry experts.

Supplier view on consumer trends in the nutritional space

31 Jul 2017 --- Keeping track of all the latest trends in the nutritional goods market today can be an arduous task. Market leaders seem to agree: “It is difficult to pinpoint the single most important driver,” says Gerd Mueller, international sales director for natural health and nutrition, EMEAI at Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). “Indeed, consumers are often looking for products that meet multiple purchasing considerations at once.”

Botanicals: Cognitive enhancers top of mind

17 Jul 2017 --- Often seen as a more holistic solution to improving health and wellness, botanicals have a fixed spot in the dietary supplement space. Moreover, following increased consumer demand for clean label and natural ingredients, botanicals are receiving their fair share of attention from the scientific community and supplements producers alike. 

Special Report: Not a Tough Pill to Swallow – Clean Label and Gummies Star in Supplement NPD

26 Jun 2017 --- The abundance of nutritional information currently available on the Internet is allowing people to educate themselves on all things health and food related, which in turn is boosting consumer interest in dietary supplementation. NutritionInsight speaks with a number of industry experts about some of the key trends and developments regarding dietary supplements.

Special Report: New Ways to Cope with Diabetes

12 Jun 2017 --- Affecting approximately 380 million people worldwide, diabetes is a leading cause of range of ailments, including kidney failure, amputations, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, diabetes takes more lives on a yearly basis than AIDS and breast cancer combined. NutritionInsight looks at some of the most recent diabetes-related research and some of the novel approaches and solutions to tackling this condition.

Special Report: Bone Health Supplementation Moves Beyond Dairy

22 May 2017 --- Bone health is becoming an increasingly researched topic, particularly as populations around the globe are becoming more aged. Consuming dairy products for strong bones has long been encouraged by governments and parents alike. However, as consumer preferences change, there is a growing need for non-dairy supplementation that can improve bone density. According to Innova Market Insights data, the number of product launches featuring bone health claims rose drastically from 364 in 2015, to 571 in 2016. NutritionInsight looks at some of the most recent bone health related product launches and studies.

Special Report: How Healthy is the High Protein Diet?

01 May 2017 --- The last couple of years have seen the high protein trend take a dramatic upturn among consumers, with health advocators worldwide promoting the macronutrient as a key to beating hunger, increasing muscle strength and losing weight.

Today NutritionInsight looks at whether or not the high protein trend is of true benefit to consumers, and talks to some companies who are taking advantage of the trend to provide innovative protein packed products.

Special Report: The Consumers & Innovation Driving the Sports Nutrition Sector

10 Apr 2017 --- If there’s one market in the nutrition sector that can’t stay still for a second, it’s sports nutrition. Today NutritionInsight learns more about the consumers driving the latest sports nutrition trends, along with the challenges and opportunities occupying this lucrative, yet tricky corner of the nutrition industry.

Special Report: Paleo Trend Not Slowing Despite Disapproval from Health Officials

13 Mar 2017 --- The paleo diet, also known as the Paleolithic diet, the Caveman diet or the Stone Age Diet – is rising in popularity. Despite worldwide health officials shunning the diet with claims that it is restrictive and extreme, the eating plan continues to take the nutrition sector by storm, with many hybrid versions of diet hitting the mainstream, too.

Today NutritionInsight takes a look at how a diet so frowned upon by health professionals continues to see such growth in a competitive nutrition and weight management market, and what opportunities the trend presents for the food industry.

Special Report: The Link Between Nutrition and Cognitive Health

06 Feb 2017 --- The link between the types of foods we eat and our cognitive performance is becoming ever stronger. Increasing evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for optimal brain performance, as well as overall mental health, and that many mental health conditions could be directly influenced by a poor diet. Today, NutritionInsight looks into the role food and nutrition can play in preventing cognitive decline, as well as enhancing the brain performance of consumers on all walks of life.

Special Report: 2017 Nutrition Trends - What to Watch Out For

17 Jan 2017 --- As the New Year brings a fresh surge of consumers ready to sink their teeth into the hottest nutrition trends, NutritionInsight looks ahead at some of the biggest health and nutrition developments set to disrupt and shape 2017. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Low FODMAP: Exploring The Latest Free-From Trend

16 Dec 2016 --- As 2016 draws to an end, the nutrition industry is looking ahead at some of the upcoming trends that look set to innovate the market in the coming year.

The low FODMAP diet is certainly one of those, and has already started to make ripples in the nutrition world. Big and small players alike are starting to mold the market from its infancy, into something that looks set to parallel the “gluten free” market.

Today NutritionInsight takes a deeper look into the low FODMAP movement, exploring who the consumers are, which companies are already dominating the space, and what impact the diet and products might have over the course of 2017.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Rise of the Personalized Nutrition Trend

15 Nov 2016 --- Increasing numbers of studies suggest that nutrition guidelines don’t provide the “one size fits all” solution that has been promoted to consumers over the decades. In fact, research indicates that while one food or nutrient type may benefit the health of one person, it could be detrimental to the next.

SPECIAL REPORT: Nutrition for “Silvers” - How an Aging Population is Changing Nutritional Needs

19 Oct 2016 --- According to recent statistics, 8.5 percent of people worldwide (617 million) are now aged 65 and over, and this percentage is set to jump to nearly 17 percent of the world’s population by 2050 (1.6 billion). Today NutritionInsight takes a look into how the aging population can benefit from targeted nutrition, and how the ‘nutrition for silvers’ trend presents new challenges and opportunities for the food industry.

SPECIAL REPORT: Fat Stigma is Changing

14 Sep 2016 --- Since the 1980s, the low-fat approach to dieting has been the overarching ideology of a ‘healthy diet’, promoted by health authorities, worldwide governments, the food industry, and the health media. But things are changing. So, today NutritionInsight takes a look into how and why consumers and the food industry are changing their view on fat.

SPECIAL REPORT: Sugar Consumption, Disease & Industry Change

16 Aug 2016 --- In a bid to prevent the current obesity crisis from increasing, the UK government plans to introduce a sugar tax in April 2018, following in the footsteps of a handful of other countries that have already implemented the levy. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Certifying The Highs and Lows of Organic Product Development

11 Jul 2016 --- The global organic food and drink market is reportedly worth US$64 billion, growing at an average rate of about 12.8% each year. However, as NutritionInsight discovers, developing organic products is more successful in some countries than in others.  Organic producers employ a wide range of methods in order to develop their products. These depend on location, agriculture, financial strength of local players, as well as resident infrastructure. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Food Trends and “Fad” Diets

27 Jun 2016 --- Like fashion, diet crazes come and go. NutritionInsight looks at some of the latest food trends to see which diets can aid in safe weight loss and improving health, and which are just “fads.” A “fad” diet promises quick weight loss through what is usually an unbalanced diet. Below are five popular food regimes: but are they simply in vogue for the moment, or will their popularity continue?