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In today’s food industry healthier products are in increasing demand. At the same time sodium reduction regulations are becoming ever more strict. Could there be an easy way to benefit from the health trend and comply to new standards while retaining taste-based consumer preference? The answer is yes, as the salt experts at AkzoNobel have developed OneGrain® − a unique mineral salt with less sodium and great taste, all in one grain.

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OneGrain® is a unique solution that brings different ingredients together in a new grain of salt; OneGrain® contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor. The flavor brings back the salty taste while masking the negative taste of the potassium salt. Since all ingredients are homogenously combined into a grain, OneGrain is effective and a true one to one replacer of regular salt. You can achieve todays and tomorrows sodium targets by replacing just as much salt as needed.

Articles On NutritionInsight
Nutrition & Health News 14 January 2010

AkzoNobel and World Food Programme to Reduce Iron Deficiency in India

Flour fortification can be an effective way to address the problem and Ferrazone is already being used in several fortification programs in the developing world, as well as being used in fortified foods in the developed world.

Nutrition & Health News 31 May 2007

Fortitech Awarded Contract for Pakistani Fortification Program

Developed by Akzo Nobel’s Functional Chemicals, Ferrazone XF FeNaEDTA is a highly bioavailable form of iron which leaves no taste when added to food and remains stable under storage and cooking conditions.

Nutrition & Health News 29 May 2007

Pakistan Takes Concrete Steps to Reduce Iron Deficiency Anemia

The decision was taken after a thorough and transparent technical and financial bid process involving multiple international and local suppliers, which resulted in Fortitech Asia Pacific achieving the highest aggregate score.

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