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Learn more about exhibiting at Food Matters Live 2016

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Are you a manufacturer of natural and functional ingredients, nutraceuticals or dietary supplements? Download a Food Matters Live 2016 sales brochure with key information about exhibiting at the 2016 event including who attends, what’s new for 2016 and much more.

Articles On NutritionInsight
Nutrition & Health News 23 January 2018

Active aging: New assessment method developed

23 Jan 2018 --- Researchers at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have developed a new indicator for assessing active aging. The indicator is called the University of Jyväskylä Active Aging Scale (UJACAS). Active aging refers to having initiative and doing things the aging person considers important. The indicator consists of a series of questions, which can be presented either in an interview or as a questionnaire. A score describing active aging is calculated based on the responses. 

Nutrition & Health News 02 January 2018

Nutritional gadgets and apps (Part 1): Healthy tech – From activity trackers to diet help

02 Jan 2018 --- The benefits of owning a smartphone are well known, and with this gadget's growing popularity, the number of nutritional apps is growing rapidly. On top of this, the popularity of FitBit and success of Apple Watch are by no means the only example of gadgets entering the nutritional space.

Nutrition & Health News 22 November 2017

Peruvian companies hope Europe goes nuts for its new “superseed” sacha inchi

22 Nov 2017 --- Peru is going to make a big effort to introduce sacha inchi to the European market this autumn. This is according to Andean & Amazonian Super(b) Foods, a news platform set up by the companies CBI, PromPeru, Adex and CCL to promote Peruvian foods. Sacha inchi is a nut-like seed with strong health benefits and the platform states that it “will be one of the stars of the Peruvian participations in Food Matters Live and Fi Europe this autumn.”

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