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LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU1, the most stable probiotic for immune support


Discover all the benefits of this unique immunity booster which meets the needs of nutraceutical and food markets: clinically proven efficacy, high stability, compatible with most dietary restrictions (gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, etc.), no side effects or habituation. With its ability to increase human sIgA levels, LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU1 is a safe and effective strategy to maintain a powerful immune system.

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Lesaffre Human Care


Lesaffre Human Care

137 rue Gabiel Péri

59700 Marcq en Baroeul






Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients,Probiotics,Proteins - Animal/Plant Origin,Yeast and Yeast Products

Lesaffre, world leader in baker’s yeast and yeast extracts, is determined to develop and commercialise ingredients in the area of Human Health & Nutrition using its know-how in biotechnology including yeasts and bacteria. Pharmaceutical and food supplement laboratories, and manufacturers of functional foods can use Lesaffre Human Care ingredients with nutritional and/or health benefits to formulate and promote their product ranges.

With Lesaffre Human care: Life with a smile

Lesaffre Human Care provides nutritional and health ingredients intended for manufacturers in the field of food/dietary supplements and functional foods. Lesaffre Human Care has three ranges of nutritional and health ingredients: probiotic yeasts & bacteria, nutritional & fortified yeasts and yeast fractions."

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Nutrition & Health News 22 March 2018

Adisseo and Seventure Partners announce €24m first close of new fund for Animal Health and Nutrition

22 Mar 2018 --- French venture capital firm Seventure Partners has launched a venture capital fund targeted at supporting companies in the field of animal health, feed and nutrition, called AVF. The first close of AVF, at €24 million, is corner stoned by Adisseo, an industry heavyweight in the animal feed sector. AVF’s investment strategy will reportedly focus on two segments at the forefront of the modern agricultural and livestock revolution: animal health, feed and nutrition and digital technologies serving the livestock industry.

Business News 25 July 2017

Lesaffre makes US$17.5 million investment in Intralytix

25 Jul 2017 --- Intralytix has received US$17.5 million in new equity funding from Lesaffre, a French family group. This investment marks the beginning of a close collaboration between both companies to develop and commercialize bacteriophage-based products, for various benefits in human health and in other areas of mutual interest. The size of Lesaffre’s stake in Intralytix as a result of this investment was not disclosed.

Nutrition & Health News 12 July 2017

Lesaffre Human Care nutritional yeast receives gluten-free certification

12 Jul 2017 --- Lesaffre Human Care's Lynside Nutri Organic is now certified gluten-free, the company has announced. Noting that consumer demand for gluten-free products is growing thanks to increased awareness about celiac disease and other gluten intolerances, the company reports that the newly gluten-free certified Lynside Nutri Organic can be a tremendous asset for brands who wish to develop products that resonate with health conscious consumers. It is available in flakes and powder for greater usage flexibility.

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The Growing Science Supporting Probiotic Yeast

05 January 2015 Lynside Pro GI+ is a new probiotic yeast ...