Evolva to reduce staff numbers as part of “major restructuring”

01 Sep 2017 --- Specialty natural ingredients company Evolva has given details of the next phase of its corporate evolution, which includes moneysaving measures, considerable growth of revenues, commercial collaborations as well as a reduction of its staff numbers from 178 to approximately 100.

Chr. Hansen “Stronger Than Expected” in Q3 with Nutrition Showing Robust Growth

05 Jul 2017 --- Danish food ingredients giant Chr. Hansen has seen strong organic revenue growth of 10 percent in the first nine months of 2016/17 and thanks to the robust performance has announced the payment of an interim dividend. Based on the company’s strong performance, it has narrowed its organic revenue expectations for 2016/17 to between 9 and 10 percent from previously 8 to 10 percent.

SPECIAL REPORT: New Expansion Platforms for Probiotics

08 Feb 2016 --- Digestive health remains one of the key food and beverage industry trends to watch for 2016, with probiotics offering a key platform for market growth. NutritionInsight looks at how consumption of healthy bacteria-containing products has increased globally, and what this means for the international manufacturers.

Vitafoods Europe Marks 20 Years, Highlights Dramatic Shift in Nutraceuticals Space

21 Jan 2016 --- Vitafoods Europe, the global nutraceutical event, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year – and some of the "founding fathers" who participated at the first edition two decades ago have been reflecting on the dramatic changes that have taken place in the industry since then.

Chr. Hansen and Caelus Collaborate on Production of Next Generation Probiotic

15 Jan 2016 --- Bacteria that live in and on our bodies have been said to outnumber the number of human cells by 10 to 1 – although recent research shows that in fact we may be similar in numbers to them, with the ratio being closer to 1:1. There is an increased awareness that these bacteria, called the microbiome, play a crucial role in human health and diseases. Numerous studies have highlighted the therapeutic potential of specific bacteria in preventing and treating metabolic, gastrointestinal and other diseases. Today, Chr. Hansen and Caelus Health announce their collaboration on the development of Eubacterium hallii as a next generation probiotic for prevention and treatment of metabolic disease.

Chr. Hansen Scientist Spearheads International Standard for Counting Bacteria

23 Dec 2015 --- Under the project leadership of Dr Sandra Casani, Principal Quality Scientist, Chr. Hansen, a new joint Standard (ISO 19344/IDF 232) has just been released to provide a method for the quantification of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) by flow cytometry in fermented products, starter cultures, and probiotics used in dairy products.

Chr. Hansen Secures €75 Million European Investment for Healthy Product Development

15 Dec 2015 --- The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided a EUR 75m loan to global bioscience company Chr. Hansen for the company’s research into and development of innovative solutions in the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Probiotics Study Reinforces Gastrointestinal Benefits of the Probiotic Strain BB-12

29 Sep 2015 --- Millions of people around the world suffer from a range of gastrointestinal symptoms. Worldwide, 12% of the population suffers from constipation. In some regions, the prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome is as high as 23%. One widely cited study concludes that normal bowel function is enjoyed by less than half of the population.

Alpha-Tocopherol Improves Uptake and Distribution of Tocotrienol

24 Sep 2015 --- Another study proves that alpha-tocopherol does not interfere with tocotrienol uptake and distribution. As a matter of fact, it improves the uptake of tocotrienols.

DuPont Launches Bakery Snacks Range Which Promises “Longer-Lasting Fullness”

27 Mar 2015 --- DuPont Nutrition & Health is opening up opportunities in the bakery sector with concepts designed to keep consumers fuller for longer and to help them reduce their calorie intake overall.

Chr. Hansen Combines Omega 3 and Probiotics in Mother & Baby Supplement

06 Oct 2014 --- It is common for pregnant women to struggle with mild constipation during pregnancy*. With its combination of probiotics and omega-3, the Mother’s 1st solution is good news not only for the constipated moms-to-be but also for lactating mothers and their infants.

Chr. Hansen Achieves Probiotic Health Claim in Korea

14 Aug 2014 --- Chr. Hansen’s health claim application related to the probiotic concept Urex, which contains Chr. Hansen's Probio-Tec strains named RC-14 and GR-1, has been reviewed and approved by the Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS). Urex is a dietary supplement that can help maintain a normal vaginal microbiota. From now on Korean customers may use the health claim “Urex can help vaginal health by increasing lactic acid bacteria” on product packaging and in promotion material.

Chr Hansen: Continued Strong Performance for Q3

2 Jul 2014 --- Chr Hansen has reported strong growth in the third quarter and it has maintained its outlook for the year. The company recorded organic growth of 10% for the third quarter of the trading year, while revenue was up 5% on last year. EBITDA, before special items, was recorded above 26%, the company said.

China’s Largest Beverage Company Strengthens Relations to Chr. Hansen

19 Apr 2013 --- As China is galloping forward as a new economic superpower with high growth rates and an enormous, steadily growing base of well-off consumers, Chr. Hansen had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Zong, founder and CEO of the Wahaha Group, China’s largest beverage company and a major player in the food industry.

Chr. Hansen Launches Probiotic for Bone Health With Vitamin K2

18 Apr 2013 --- A new probiotic culture from Chr. Hansen has been launched to support bone health through a natural high production of vitamin K2. “With nu-trish Pro-K, it is now possible to create tasty dairy concepts to target the attractive segments of mature women and growing kids,” the company claims.

Chr. Hansen H1 Profit Dips on Impairment After Probiotic Health Claim Concerns

10 Apr 2013 --- With organic growth of 9% in the first half of the financial year 2012/13, Chr. Hansen delivered a strong interim result, with organic revenue growth of 9% (excluding carmine price effect) in the first half of 2012/13. Preliminary analysis of two clinical studies relating to gastrointestinal health has been finalized.

Chr. Hansen Says Probiotic Study Insufficient for Health Claim

03 Mar 2013 --- Chr. Hansen has reported that clinical studies on the effects of its probiotic strains failed to yield the evidence needed to make a claim about its health affects. Chr. Hansen has a leading position in the probiotics market with a number of probiotic strains supported by clinical documentation.

Chr. Hansen Expands Production Facilities For Probiotics

19 Feb 2013 --- A new freeze-drying plant for probiotic cultures for dietary supplements is in the making in Denmark. A new market analysis predicts the global probiotics market to surge by 6.8% a year until 2018, driven by Asia-Pacific with Europe as another dominant market in spite of current health claim law issues (source: The Global Industry Analysis).

Chr Hansen To Discover If Probiotic Can Reduce Children’s Absence From Daycare

18 Jan 2013 --- The children will be given BB-12 with a view to investigating if this particular strain can reduce the number of sick days caused by infections. Samples will be taken to document how the lactic acid bacteria affect the children’s immune system, gut flora and intestinal system. In addition the study will generate knowledge about the frequency of specific infections and allergies.

Chr. Hansen Vows to Cut Level of Salt in Cheese

14 Jun 2012 --- Chr. Hansen is committed to finding ways to reduce the amount of salt in cheese and has just entered a new joint study together with Denmark’s two largest universities, two major Danish dairy companies and Norwich Research Park, a community of world leading research organizations.