Lycored showcases lycopene's benefits with interactive educational hub

26 Jul 2017 --- Lycored, an international supplier of ingredient and nutrition supplements, has announced the launch of its Lycopedia, an interactive educational hub about Lycopene and its effect on the body during different stages of life. The company hopes the Lycopedia will act as a timeless resource that showcases the incredible health benefits of lycopene, the red-hued tomato-derived carotenoid used in food and beverages and oral supplementation.

Key Interview: Algatech Targets Synergistic Effects to Advance Microalgae Industry

27 Jun 2017 --- Interest in microalgae has surged over the past decade, and as a result, a growing number of companies have sought to develop new products and technologies to harness the myriad health benefits these unicellular species provide. And according to Algatechnologies, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of microalgae’s potential benefits and applications.

Lycored Launches New Brand Identity Based on “Cultivating Wellness”

06 Aug 2015 --- Lycored has launched a new corporate brand identity that cements its unshakeable commitment to wellbeing and enhances the company’s image globally. The new strategic positioning is fronted by an eye-catching, contemporary logo that echoes Lycored’s strength and heritage as a supplier of natural ingredients derived from the tomato.

LycoRed Launches Formula Targeting Men’s Health

09 Dec 2013 --- LycoRed Ltd. is entering the men’s health category with Lyc-O-Pro, a science-based formulation targeting prostate health. Lyc-O-Pro combines curcumin, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and a proprietary tomato extract optimized for men’s health. Lyc-O-Pro is the latest in LycoRed’s line of nutritional products targeting specific health indications.

LycoRed Launches Proprietary Formulation for Bone Health

06 Mar 2013 --- LycoRed has launched Lyc-O-Fem, a slow-release formulation containing genistein in a new proprietary composition for bone health. The combo also provides a natural approach to alleviate menopause symptoms.

LycoRed Targets Japan with Natural Lycopene

26 Oct 2012 --- Professor Joseph Levy. Prof. Paran talked about her latest findings in natural tomato lycopene complex and vascular health and Prof. Levy will be presenting new findings on women and men health.

Vitafoods Asia Has Successful Debut

21 Sep 2011 --- Asia Pacific is the second biggest global market for functional foods behind only the USA, with market value expected to reach US$48 million in 2012.

LycoRed Launches “Crystal Clear Soluble” Vitamin D3 for Beverages

24 Feb 2011 --- CapsuDar D3 CWD dissolves instantly and stays stable across a wide range of pH levels. It is a microencapsulated, water-dispersible preparation that protects the normally fat-soluble vitamin against light, oxidation and acids which normally inactivate vitamin D3 when added to beverage applications.

LycoRed Welcomes EFSA Positive Opinions on DHA

09 Nov 2010 --- LycoRed 's Lyc-O-mega 10AL is designed especially for the bakery and confectionary industries. Trials have been conducted successfully in chocolates, crackers and bread that were fortified with Lyc-O-Mega 10AL.

LycoRed’s Natural Lycopene Wins EU Approval

30 Apr 2009 --- Lyc-O-Mato can be used in food supplements (in a dose of 15 mg/day), fruit and vegetable juice drinks, sport drinks, soups, breakfast cereals, bread, fats and dressings, foods intended for energy restricted diets for weight reduction, and foods for special medical purposes.

Lycored Launches Slow Release Flavor Solution

13 Dec 2007 --- LycoRed’s slow release technologies prolong flavor release improving the marketability of gums and candies in a competitive arena where flavor enhancement adds value.

LycoRed and BTSA Team Up on Iberian Peninsula

20 Nov 2007 --- BTSA, Spain's largest producer of natural antioxidants based on natural vitamin E, has an enviable reputation in the food, and fortified and non-fortified supplement industries.

Functional Near Water Launched in Israel

07 Dec 2006 --- Neviot+ is fortified with five B complex vitamins: B3, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid and B12. The vitamins are added to mineral water naturally high in calcium and low in sodium from the Ein Zahav spring located high in Israel's Galilee mountains.

Soft Gel Launches Lyc-O-Mato with CoQsol for Heart Health

24 Aug 2006 --- SGTI has aligned with LycoRed to bring this powerful new complex to the dietary supplement industry. SGTI is the exclusive soft gelatin encapsulator of LyCoQ. Both branded ingredients are well-suited for a soft gel delivery system, providing antioxidant support.

LycoRed Implements Reorganization

08 Dec 2005 --- The reorganization is an integration of all subsidiary companies into one unit, with each region served by a local headquarters.