Probiotic expansion: General Mills leads investment in GoodBelly parent

21 Jun 2018 --- General Mills' venture arm, 301 Inc., is leading a US$12 million round in funding in NextFoods the parent company of GoodBelly Probiotics. Additional capital is coming from existing investors, including Emil Capital Partners. NextFoods was founded in 2007 by Todd Beckman and Steve Demos, who founded WhiteWave Foods, the owner of Silk plant-based milk.

Ancient becomes modern: US$103 million investment for bone broth innovator

12 Mar 2018 --- Ancient Nutrition, a bone broth protein and collagen supplement maker, has secured $103 million in funding through strategic minority investment led by VMG Partners. The company, which is the breakthrough pioneer in Bone Broth Protein supplementation that delivers the benefits of “homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix form,” revealed a minority investment from VMG Partners, Hillhouse Capital, ICONIQ Capital, and over 100 members of a co-investor network.

TH True Herbal superfood beverages launched in Vietnam

07 Sep 2017 --- TH Group, in cooperation with NIZO, has launched its TH True Herbal superfood beverages in Vietnam, following the success of the products in the US. The beverages will arrive on the shelves of all major Vietnamese supermarkets this year. Three of the five beverages – lime, passion fruit and blackberry – were launched in Vietnam on 20 August.

Superfoods banner expands as disease reduction evidence grows

14 Aug 2017 --- Products and ingredients marketed as “superfoods” are exploding in popularity. Indeed, Innova Market Insights statistics show that there was a global increase of 47 percent in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for new products with a “superfood” claim from 2011 to 2016. There was also a 15 percent increase in CAGR for new product launches with a “superfruit” claim.

Cambridge Commodities named exclusive UK distributor of Baobest powder

10 Aug 2017 --- Nutritional ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities has been named the exclusive UK distributor of Baobab Foods’ product: Baobest, an organic, wholefood powder extracted from the African baobab tree. The product is suitable for a variety of sectors including health & wellbeing, beauty and sport in powder blends, food and supplements.

Thirst for health – Plant-based waters NPD

31 Jul 2017 --- Water is evolving into something more than just H2O, with an increasing number of consumers viewing it as the perfect vehicle to boost their nutrient intake. Beyond fortification options such as vitamin waters, the category is expanding to include plant-based waters that consumers believe may have a range of health benefits.

Marinova’s Maritech Fucoidan Attains GRAS Status

30 May 2017 --- Australian biotechnology company Marinova has announced that its Maritech fucoidan extracts have attained GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status. Fucoidan is a bioactive polysaccharide that occurs naturally in brown seaweed. According to the company, these Maritech ingredients are the first and only high purity fucoidan extracts to achieve FDA notified GRAS status.

Alfalfa Protein Concentrate Touted as “Next Superfood”

13 Apr 2017 --- L-RD (Luzerne-Research & Development) has developed an alfalfa protein concentrate, Luzixeen, based on 100% French alfalfa. The plant-based alternative to animal proteins has a protein content of 45 to 60% and can be sprinkled on salads, soups or yogurt, and used in the formulation of bars, beverages, food supplements, biscuits and protein shakes.

Global Probiotic Supplier Ganeden Reports Record 2016

22 Dec 2016 --- In tandem with record levels of consumer demand for probiotics in 2016, Ganeden has announced record numbers of launches, continued innovation in clinical studies, an expanded patent portfolio, additional certifications and international growth.

Cambridge Commodities Launches Vegan Protein Range

11 Feb 2016 --- Ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities has launched a range of high quality vegan proteins to meet the increased demand for plant-based protein ingredients. The ProEarth range consists of black bean, almond, cranberry, buckwheat, hemp, pumpkin seed and quinoa powders with protein content ranging from 20% to 80%.

Black Raspberries Pack Greatest Antioxidant Punch

09 Dec 2015 --- As far as healthy foods go, berries make the top of the list. They contain potent antioxidants, which decrease or reverse the effects of free radicals – natural byproducts of energy production that can play havoc on the body and that are closely linked with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke or respiratory diseases – all major killers in western societies and huge burdens on healthcare systems.

Nourishing the Inner You with Resistant Starch

09 Dec 2014 --- Australians are realising what they are not eating is putting their health at risk. Healthy digestion is a cornerstone of good health and Australians are demanding more foods high in fibre to achieve this. However, the foods being eaten are not providing consumers with the different types of fibre they need... like resistant starch.

Hi Europe: Demand Increases for Protein Alternatives, Source of Ingredients and Superfoods

06 Nov 2014 --- Today's consumers are seeking beneficial and functional foods that will provide solutions to their nutritional challenges and their overall health and wellness. They also demand that these ingredients are sustainably sourced. This is resulting in a growing demand for alternative sources of protein and for ingredient suppliers to increase their production of such ingredients and formulation solutions to include the "new" superfoods.

Valensa Introduces 1,3 Beta Glucan Targeting Immune Health Formulations

01 Oct 2014 --- Valensa International has announced that it will market and formulate a proprietary, new form of beta glucan for the human health market. Called IMMUNUM PRO, the new ingredient is a harvested Euglena algae that delivers >65% 1,3 beta glucan by weight – the highest level of beta glucan provided from any natural source without additional processing.

Study: Vegetable Derived Superfoods Could Help Key Protein Keep Bodies Healthy

12 Sep 2014 --- A new generation of new superfoods that tackle heart disease and diabetes could be developed following research into a protein that helps keep cells in our bodies healthy. Researchers at the University of Warwick found that the protein, called Nrf2, continually moves in and out of the nuclei of human cells to sense the cell’s health and vitality.

Wholegrain Superfood Shown to Have Strong Health System Savings

05 Sep 2014 --- Food and beverage manufacturers are aware that consumers are turning to wholegrains to ease the burden of chronic disease. Incorporating superfoods like BARLEYmax in products will help combat and lower the substantial costs involved with chronic health problems like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer, a new study has found.

EC Novel Food Approval in Progress for Benexia Chia Oil

04 Mar 2014 --- Ingredia Nutritional is launching Chia Oil to the European market under its Benexia brand name, following the success of its Chia Seed concept. The oil, which will be introduced among other new products at Vitafoods Europe, is described as a ‘very promising new product’ because it is highly concentrated in Omega-3, making it ideal for the food and nutraceutical industry.

Study: Baking Blueberries Changes Their Polyphenol Content

31 Oct 2013 --- Blueberries are called a "superfood" for their high polyphenol content, but when served as warm, gooey pie filling or when lending bursts of sweet flavor to a muffin, their "super" health benefits change. Scientists studied how cooking and baking affect the increasingly popular fruit's polyphenols and reported their mixed findings — levels of some of these substances rose while others fell — in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Glanbia Nutritionals Launches New Flax Protein Powder

24 Oct 2013 --- Glanbia Nutritionals is announcing the launch of an innovative new flax protein powder for protein fortification. LinPro 140 is a natural, allergen-free ingredient for use in a wide range of applications including bars, clusters, cereals and beverages.

EHL Ingredients Tips Freekeh as an Emerging Ancient Grain

1 May 2013 --- EHL Ingredients has launched a brand new natural ingredient to the UK food sector – Freekeh (pronounced “free-kah”). An ancient grain native to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, this roasted green cracked wheat boasts a toasty aroma and nutty taste as well as a strong nutritional profile.