IFT 2018 (Chicago): The companies to watch

Jul 2018


Omya will present its versatile calcium carbonate range and additional ingredients from its distribution portfolio. A highlight will be the launch of Omyafood for powdered protein and vitamin premixes. First launched at IFT, Omyafood 100-OG will provide powdered sport nutrition products and vitamin supplements with multiple benefits. The innovative minerals act as flow aids and anti-caking agents while minimizing dusting. Thanks to the consistent porosity of the particles, they offer a carrier functionality of up to 55 percent loading capacity for vitamins, flavors and other actives. Moreover, Omyafood has a very high elemental calcium content of approximately 40 percent, making it the most concentrated and highly bioavailable source of calcium on the market. As such, it can be used as an efficient fortification agent, allowing calcium-related claims to be made. Last but not least, Omyafood 100-OG particles are not in a nano-size range and neutral in taste.