Arla Foods launches high fiber yogurt in the UK


30 Jan 2018 --- Arla Foods has launched a new range of yogurts containing 4.7g of fiber in every serving. The range is called Arla Fibre and is available in four flavors; Blueberry, Raspberry, Pineapple & Passionfruit and Strawberry. Arla Fibre comes in in both small (150g, available in Pineapple & Passionfruit and Raspberry) and large (450g, available in Strawberry and Blueberry) pots. The large pots in the yogurt aisle in Tesco from 29 January and both small and large pots from March in other major UK supermarkets. 

The new range is not only high in fiber, helping to support a balanced digestion, but is low in fat, naturally high in protein and contains 27 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake, making it the perfect balance of flavor and goodness. Arla Foods spokesperson Elizabeth West tells NutritionInsight that the sugar content is around 9.5-9.8g per 100g, adding that it varies very slightly by flavor. 

According to Arla Foods, Arla Fibre is perfect to enjoy any time of day. “Now you can enjoy a tasty yogurt with added fiber, but without the taste or texture of fiber, meaning it goes completely unnoticed. It’s fiber for people who can’t be fussed with fiber,” the company notes.

James Quayle, Brand Manager, Arla Foods, says: “On average, the UK population only eats about 18g of fiber a day, so when the UK Government released their 2015 guidelines advising that adults should eat 30g of a fiber, we realized just how much we are lacking from our diets.It’s no surprise that we’re struggling to get enough fiber, when traditional fiber-rich foods can be bland and uninspiring, so here at Arla Foods, we set out to change all that and created a tasty yogurt which equates to 16 percent of the 30g recommended by the UK Government.”

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