Benexia Seeds of Wellness line puts chia in the spotlight

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08 Mar 2018 --- The Seeds of Wellness line from chia-specialist Benexia, will offer a range of chia products. The range spans from chia flours to oil and pasta, and touts a range of health benefits, from high omega 3, protein and fiber levels, to clean label and gluten-free status, according to the company. Past research has shown the health benefits of the family of whole-grains, of which chia is within. This has helped in pushing their availability into the mainstream. 

Whole grains are versatile and by this point, chia has been included in a range of health products, potentially gathering itself a loyal band of followers. Such products include snacks such as energy balls and bars and cooking ingredients such as flour. See this NutritionInsight selection of ten ancient grain products

Click to EnlargeTheir usage ticks a range of trend boxes. For example, the chia is seen as a wholesome, natural ingredient that requires minimal processing. In this way, it is clean label and consumers can expect a product that has not undergone nutrient decreasing processing before coming to their plates.

Research has further pushed the benefits of whole grains as a family to the mainstream. NutritionInsight has reported on a study that showed that vast health benefits of whole grains. It found that replacing as little as two servings of refined grain/flour foods with whole grain foods would deliver health benefits.  

More than two decades of studies indicate that consuming whole grain foods, instead of refined grains and foods made from white flour, is directly related to lower mortality risk and reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity, and bowel cancer.

Moreover, as the Seeds of Wellness line advertises, the mighty chia is a potent source of omega 3 and protein. Omega 3 has featured heavily in nutrition news as a strengthening diet addition. 

“Busy, health-conscious consumers want clean-labels, superior nutritional profiles, purity and versatility, not to mention great taste,” said SOW Commercial Manager Paulina Penaloza. “Seeds of Wellness is a line that fulfills all these demands." 

The full Seeds of Wellness line will include black and white chia seed, toasted chia seed, chia flour, chia booster, chia oil and chia pasta. The range boasts fiber, omega 3, protein, clean label, gluten-free and non-GMO certification.

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