Bread is a great daily breakfast, says study, but make it cereal-based 


05 Mar 2018 --- Cereal-based bread is more satiating than white bread, and serves as an ideal breakfast, a new study shows. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many consumers skip it, or struggle to find satiating, healthy options. The bread used in the study – developed by bakery company Puratos – contains a variety of flours (wheat, oats and spelt), is enriched with soluble fiber, proteins and contains 22 percent dried fruit.

“Skipping breakfast is a common phenomenon, and too many pastries, sweets and juices are consumed as part of this meal. Such eating habits are associated with excess weight and obesity. Cereal-based bread which is rich in soluble fiber, proteins and dried fruit provides a balanced breakfast solution that is quick and easy, improving appetite as well as glycemic and insulinemic responses,” says Dr. Gonzalez Anton, nutritionist and researcher in the study at the University of Granada.

In the study, the experimental group of participants ate a daily breakfast of the cereal-based bread and a glass of water, while the control group had sliced white bread topped with jam and margarine, and a glass of water. The results showed that the cereal-based based had a strong hunger-alleviating effect.

Findings on satiating foods are important in an atmosphere where consumers are extremely health conscious, and eager to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Foods are striving to have simpler labels full of hunger-hitting ingredients. 

Fiber, for example, has a strong reputation as a hunger-alleviator. Soluble fiber, which was used to enrich the breakfast bread in the study, has properties which delays gastric emptying which in turn, can result in an extended feeling of “fullness.” White bread, on the other hand, tends to be low in both fiber and protein. 

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