DSM: Stress-free beauty with a millennial focus

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11 Apr 2018 --- DSM, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of ingredients and solutions to the personal care and aroma markets, will be showcasing ideas for easing consumer stress and detailing its strategy for meeting the societal challenges of skin cancer at this year’s “in-cosmetics” global trade show, in Amsterdam.

The range displayed by DSM will focus on both the aging consumer and millennials, who all can experience stress-laden lives and fast-paced living. According to DSM, chronic stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors, with 38 percent of adults saying they overeat, and 44 percent of the American workforce losing sleep every night because they are worried about work.

Day to day skin stress
DSM details their Bel-even product, a patented synthetic small molecule that helps counteract the damaging effects of stress on skin. In-vitro Bel-even reversibly and selectively inhibits the critical enzyme 11β-HSD1, which generates cortisol in the skin. Persistently high levels of cortisol induced by stress are strongly associated with visible signs of premature skin aging, which is a significant concern for today’s consumers. An in-silico-generated rational design approach was developed by DSM to identify the lead compound for this novel ingredient, which visibly reduces signs of stress on the skin, and improves skin elasticity and density as well as skin hydration.

Furthermore, the hydration product Pentavitin is designed based on research conducted amongst Chinese women living in Beijing. DSM used "revolutionary" visualization technology to study dry skin and hydration in urban settings. The technology allowed researchers to produce color images of the face showing that Chinese women have excessively dry skin on the cheek and jaw areas. These images also the revealed the hydrating qualities of DSM’s natural "moisture-magnet" Pentavitin. Three hours after a single application, excessively dry skin areas are already much better hydrated, DSM claims. 

Millennial focus
Millennials, typically individuals who were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, offer a unique range of needs to beauty suppliers. According to DSM, millennials particularly seek efficiency. 

Amongst their range aimed at this younger set of consumers, are Alp’Dry Shampoo, for clean hair without washing, Texturizing Beach Spray, a hybrid product that styles, protects and cares for hair and Messy Matte Gum, which seeks to effortlessly style, texturize and scrunch hair for a soft, matte finish.

Concerning skin, DSM also offers a range aimed at millennials. The UV Flash Tone for one-step care claims to create "flawless glass” skin, with a lotion that is enriched with UV filters and actives, No FOMO Sun Stick plays with the popular social media acronym of “Fear of Missing Out”, High Glide Moisturizing Sun Essence claims to protect against both SPF and blue light whilst Total Protection into the Blue and Shine also delivers protection into the blue light section, while also combatting shine and the onset of fine lines.

The products, alongside discussions around the skin microbiome, will be presented for visitors at in-cosmetics in Amsterdam this April (17-19).

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