Gelita develops controlled soft gelatin capsule fill release

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12 Mar 2018 --- Gelita is offering manufacturers of soft gelatin capsules the opportunity to see first hand the complete spectrum of capsule fill release profiles – including the latest addition to Gelita’s pharmaceutical gelatin portfolio: Gelita EC for enteric performance.

Gelita will return to Vitafoods Europe this year (May 15-17, Geneva) to showcase its latest product innovations for the nutraceutical industry as well as new scientific findings.

Soft gelatin capsules are a preferred delivery method for all kinds of nutrients and active ingredients. By adjusting the production process of soft capsule gelatin, Gelita can modify the specific effect, timing and duration of the fill release to tie in with consumer needs. The latest addition to its portfolio is Gelita EC, promoted as the first and only gelatin product for true enteric performance. As of now, the company can cover the complete spectrum of desired fill release profiles and even eliminate the “fishy” side effects of omega 3 supplementation.

“There are two aspects as to why it is very important to control the fill release,” explains Oliver Wolf at Gelita to NutritionInsight. “First you need to define where in the body the active ingredient or supplement should be released and second the speed of release is vital.” He notes that for a painkiller, for example, it is absolutely crucial that it gets to your body as quick as possible to relieve the pain. “So you need a capsule dissolving immediately when entering the stomach. Here a capsule made with our Gelita RXL R² is the first choice,” he says. 

When applying an omega 3 or fish oil capsule, however, you want to achieve the exact opposite. “The capsule should not release the fill in the stomach to avoid undesired fishy blurbs. In this case, our enteric Gelita EC would be the right choice for the capsule as it is resistant to gastric juice and thus releases its fill only in the intestine,” he claims. 

Click to EnlargeWith Tendoforte, the company offers specific collagen peptides that are proven to strengthen ligaments and tendons. With its unique mode of action, the clean label ingredient is especially suitable for the booming sports nutrition market. Gelita will also present the latest scientific research on Fortibone, which underlines the ingredient’s potential to significantly increase bone mineral density. 

From May 15-17, Gelita will offer visitors to Vitafoods in-depth information on specific collagen peptides that support the musculoskeletal system. For example, Tendoforte has a pronounced stimulatory impact on the biosynthesis of extracellular matrix molecules in ligaments and tendons. This makes it highly suitable for sports nutrition products that help to prevent common soft tissue injuries in both amateur and professional athletes. To show how this could work in a finished product, Gelita has developed a Bioactive Sports Broth sample, especially for Vitafoods. Visitors are invited to taste it at the Sports Nutrition Sampling Bar.

As it makes up 95 percent of organic bone matrix, collagen is also essential for strong and stable bones. Now, a new study has investigated the long-term effects of specific collagen peptide supplementation on bone health. Experts will be available at the Gelita booth to talk visitors through the promising results, which confirm a pronounced increase in bone mineral density after Fortibone supplementation.

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