Omega 3 microalgae oil: Polaris launches “next-generation” solution

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09 Apr 2018 --- Polaris, French marine lipid expert, has announced its new omega 3 product: Omegavie DHA 650 Qualitysilver5 (highly concentrated & highly performing omega 3 Algal oil).

Polaris states that the oil is entirely produced in France and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans due to its sustainable microalgae sourcing. The microalgae is “cultivated in a strictly controlled environment. It is extracted using an entirely natural enzymatic process with no solvents, then subjected to a high-tech purification and concentration process.”

“Demand for omega 3 ingredients is growing across the world, and demand for vegetarian omega 3 is expected to grow even faster. As a high-quality source of omega 3 which is completely vegetarian and sustainably produced in Europe, the potential is enormous,” says Véronique Sancéau, Marketing Manager at Polaris.

Omegavie oils benefit from Polaris’ 5th generation of Qualitysilver process, making it “ultra-stable.” This patented technology, designed for algal DHA, prevents the omega 3 from the oxidative stress, therefore avoiding polyunsaturated fatty acids degradation and reducing the risk of organoleptic failing in the finished product.

Polaris shares that their tests of Omegavie DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver5 have shown that the product is about four times more stable than standard algal oil, which could mean that its nutritional, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel qualities are better preserved, and its shelf life optimized.

The omega market is large and continuously growing. Omega 3 supplements are the most popular supplements, as consumers respond to the vast research that touts omega 3 health benefits. The National Health Interview Survey of the US found that omega 3 was the number one most used natural product in 2015. Omega 3’s positioning has continuously grown over time, according to Innova Market Insights data, demonstrating a 10.8 percent average annual growth pattern between 2013 and 2017.

Clearly, long-gone are the days when for the benefit of omega 3 to be enjoyed, one had to endure fishy flavors. Instead, manufacturers have experimented with innovative dosage forms and flavor masking techniques. NutritionInsight investigated this more in an omega special report

In fact, microalgae is a very popular sourcebof omega. It has been touted for several years as a sustainable alternative protein source for foodstuffs and animal feed because under certain conditions, their production requires significantly less agricultural land and water and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions could be low. However, the use of algae in food products is common in Asia, and in recent years it has become popular in the West in dietary supplements and superfoods. Innova Market Insights reports +21 percent growth in new food & beverage launches featuring selected sea vegetables (2012-2016, global), which includes algae.

Furthermore, our sister website, FoodIngredientsFirst has investigated seaweed and microalgae as drivers in new product development in a special report.

Omegavie DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver5 can be used across a range of application, from dietary supplements and in food preparations(i.e. milk, dressing oils, dairies) due to its “neutral organoleptic impact.”

Polaris will be exhibiting the product at Vitafoods in Geneva this May, at stand K55. You can access the NutritionInsight preview of Vitafoods here.   

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