OptiBiotix partners with Cereal Ingredients to deliver weight loss formulations

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09 Mar 2018 --- Life sciences company OptiBiotix has partnered with Cereal Ingredients to expand its range of products containing SlimBiome; their weight regulation microbiome modulation technology. The range – Nutri-Bites – will include breakfast cereals and bakery products. The range is advertised as blood sugar regulating, hunger alleviating and helpful for weight loss.

OptiBiotix develops microbiome modulators which enhance the growth, biological activity and biological effects of specific microbial genera and species creating the potential for targeted modulation of the human microbiome. Microbiomes are essential to the healthy day to day running of our internal “eco-system,” and the company is developing products that target the regulation of our “eco-system.”

OptiBiotix’s product, SlimBiome, is advertised as supporting weight-loss management, by modifying the activity of the human microbiome. The product aims to help accelerate weight loss, while maintaining blood sugar levels. This helps to lessen food cravings and induces a lower blood glucose rise after meals, compared to high sugar food and drinks.

“Many snack and protein bars on the market are deceptively high in sugar and calories, leading consumers with healthy intentions to gain, rather than lose, weight,” says Christina Wood, OptiBiotix Sales and Marketing Director.

“By combining SlimBiome revolutionary microbiome modulation technology with Cereal Ingredient’s market-leading ingredients manufacturing capacity, we have created a delicious functional solution and are excited to share this at the Natural Products Expo West & Engredea show,” adds Wood.

The range will include breakfast cereals, bakery products and cereal pieces which can be added to granola or snack mixes.

You can read more about the potential weight loss benefits of the microbiome in a special report by NutritionInsight.

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