Plasma Nutrition technology found to significantly boost bioavailability of whey protein

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21 Jun 2018 --- A University of South Florida study has found that Plasma Nutrition’s Ingredient Optimized technology can make whey protein more bioavailable than high DH hydrolyzed whey protein. The research was conducted on a double-blinded randomized cohort in a crossover design and compared the effects of 25g of non-hydrolyzed ioProtein whey protein isolate (WPI) to 25g of a high-DH hydrolyzed whey protein. The results show that ioWhey Protein is more bioavailable than hydrolyzed whey protein, demonstrating a 58 percent increase in leucine absorption and 60 percent increase in BCAA absorption.

The increased protein bioavailability was achieved through Plasma Nutrition’s patent-pending Ingredient Optimized technology. “Hydrolyzed whey protein is viewed by many as the gold standard for human nutrition, so we knew it would provide a great measuring stick for our technology,” says Plasma Nutrition co-founder Steve Motosko. 

Click to Enlarge“Maximizing protein bioavailability can open up new products and applications in all areas of nutrition,” says Chris Flynn-Rozanski, Plasma Nutrition co-founder. “Whether a brand is focused on sports nutrition, weight management, age-related nutrition, medical foods or any other category, increased bioavailability means that consumers are getting more of what they’ve been promised – and that will keep them coming back. ”

The study was presented at the ISSN 15th Annual Conference and Expo in Clearwater, FL by lead researcher Dr. Bill Campbell, Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at USF.

“Our lab recently completed the data collection phase on a uniquely processed (commercially known as Ingredient Optimized) whey protein isolate supplement that incorporates atmospheric plasma technology,” said Dr. Campbell. “ We found that the plasma-treated non-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate was significantly more bioavailable than a standard processed high DH hydrolyzed whey protein isolate supplement.”

The New York-based start-up is currently putting a strong focus on scientific studies to substantiate their technology.

“As a technology company, our focus has always been growth through strong science and 2018 has seen us build on that foundation. The launch of ioWhey Protein was accompanied by the debut of a new study conducted by ASPI which demonstrated that ioWhey Protein is significantly more bioavailable than a non-optimized whey protein,” Motosko tells NutritionInsight

“Given the success of that study, we decided to test our technology against a high DH hydrolyzed protein. Comparing our technology to a hydrolyzed protein not only demonstrates our technology as superior to the existing gold standard but also sets up our technology for non-whey applications as well,” says Motosko. “[This] has been a very exciting year for us. We've recently launched three new ioWhey Protein products with Performix: protein cookies, protein wafers, and ioWhey Protein powder. So far we’ve been thrilled at the customer and retailer response. It is clear that people were looking for a real differentiator in the market and ioWhey Protein delivers.” 

With this foundation in sports nutrition, the company’s next focus will be to bring the benefits of enhanced bioavailability ioWhey Protein to other categories including weight management and clinical nutrition.

“Our plan is to expand on the success of these products throughout the rest of the year and we can’t wait to debut more innovative products,” he concludes.

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