Roquette enters cosmetics market with innovative plant-based offering


06 Mar 2018 --- Roquette, supplier of plant-based ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets, has announced the launch of an offering of natural-based specialties for the cosmetics market. The group will unveil the new product range, branded “Beauté by Roquette,” at the In-Cosmetics tradeshow in Amsterdam on 17 to 19 April.

“We are launching high performing natural-based ingredients: the Beauté by Roquette range of products will focus on high SPF sun protection properties for instance, as well as improved sensorial benefits combining such as hydration, softness with a unique dry and velvet skin feel,” Carole Petitjean, Head of Corporate Communications at Roquette, tells NutritionInsight.

“We focus on two major developments patented by Roquette: one emulsifying system and one thickening system, that create unique sensorial effects such as an amazing velvet touch. Our systems combine several natural-based ingredients that synergistically act together to provide new benefits to consumers,” Petitjean adds.

Although no further technical details regarding the products were released, the company notes that these new products aim to address key consumer trends in the cosmetics market, notably the growing demand for plant-based products, but also for high-performance and innovation. 

Driving forces behind these trends are increased environmental concerns, the growth of the middle-class, urbanization and aging populations, which will continue to contribute to dynamism of the global cosmetics market.

“We have big ambition in this market,” Petitjean says. “Roquette is very well-positioned to address the cosmetics market challenges and offer high-value specialties thanks to 80+ years of expertise in plant-based ingredients, with a focus on quality excellence and innovation and to a thorough knowledge of Food Nutrition and Pharma markets which we can translate to the Cosmetics market, at the crossroads of these sectors. Our belief is that “Beauty is all about skin Health & Nutrition.’” 

“We are a French company with an international coverage. We have and will benefit from the proximity to the leading-edge French cosmetics ecosystem to develop innovative solutions with our partners,” Petitjean says. “Our family heritage is about commitment to long term growth. We have decided to join this market with a dedicated high performing plant-based offering, it is a key objective. We will now go fast with organic and inorganic growth.”

“The upcoming launch of our Beauté by Roquette range is an important development milestone for the Group. We believe that Beauty is all about Skin Health and Nutrition and we see our new activity in Cosmetics as a complementary promising pillar to our existing offering. This new pillar will further contribute to improving well-being of millions of consumers worldwide,” adds Jean-Marc Gilson, CEO of Roquette.

by Lucy Gunn

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