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A quick breakfast, a tasty snack or a healthy meal. People eat and drink every day. To support growth, to enable them to do their job or simply to enjoy. Food is life and as a food professional you provide people with the best products you can. Salt is an essential ingredient in food. Selecting the right food salt solution is of great importance. AkzoNobel’s Suprasel® provides you the food salt solution that best fits your needs in only three simple steps.

Suprasel brings you the purest salt - vacuum salt - especially made for food. It has been produced by AkzoNobel for almost 100 years in Western Europe. Suprasel vacuum salt is being manufactured in a sustainable, entirely controlled production process, from extraction to final use.

Suprasel follows market trends and develops innovations for the food industry, for example, our low sodium solution Suprasel® OneGrain.

Suprasel is your partner; dedicated to salt for food, a detail with impact.

Products / Markets
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Suprasel offers salt solutions for all aspects of the food industry.  Bringing you the purest and highest quality food salt there is: vacuum salt. In a range starting with our Suprasel Classic product line for all food applications, for the best flavor and texture enhancer with the best preservation characteristics and the best carrier of additives.

In today’s food industry healthier products are in increasing demand. At the same time sodium reduction regulations are becoming ever more strict. Suprasel OneGrain is a unique solution that brings different ingredients together in a new grain of salt; Suprasel OneGrain contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor. The flavor brings back the salty taste while masking the negative taste of the potassium salt.

Since all ingredients are homogenously combined into a grain, Suprasel OneGrain is effective and a true one to one replacer of regular salt. You can achieve todays and tomorrows sodium targets by replacing just as much salt as needed.



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