LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU1, the most stable probiotic for immune support

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Discover all the benefits of this unique immunity booster which meets the needs of nutraceutical and food markets: clinically proven efficacy, high stability, compatible with most dietary restrictions (gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, etc.), no side effects or habituation. With its ability to increase human sIgA levels, LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU1 is a safe and effective strategy to maintain a powerful immune system.

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Lesaffre Human Care


Lesaffre Human Care

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Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients,Probiotics,Proteins - Animal Or Plant Origin,Yeast and Yeast Products

Lesaffre, world leader in baker’s yeast and yeast extracts, is determined to develop and commercialise ingredients in the area of Human Health & Nutrition using its know-how in biotechnology including yeasts and bacteria. Pharmaceutical and food supplement laboratories, and manufacturers of functional foods can use Lesaffre Human Care ingredients with nutritional and/or health benefits to formulate and promote their product ranges.

With Lesaffre Human care: Life with a smile

Lesaffre Human Care provides nutritional and health ingredients intended for manufacturers in the field of food/dietary supplements and functional foods. Lesaffre Human Care has three ranges of nutritional and health ingredients: probiotic yeasts & bacteria, nutritional & fortified yeasts and yeast fractions."

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Lesaffre completes acquisition of Gnosis

23 Nov 2018 --- Three years after acquiring a majority shareholding of Gnosis, Lesaffre has today announced the full acquisition of the Italian biotechnology company. The acquisition seeks to combine the companies into a single unit to propose a unified range of products and services to its nutritional ingredients and human health customers and partners and to continue its growth in the fast-growing environment.

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