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    Algal oils innovation with multiple benefits

    07 Jun 2018 Polaris presented a new highly concentrate algal oil at Vitafoods Europe 2018. “We are targeting a new concept and new oil from algae. It is in a concentrated form with a high content of DHA of around 60 percent. What is different here is the sensory concept. At Polaris, we are very much focusing on the organoleptic qualities of our oils because we know that consumers typically do not enjoy taking omega 3 supplements because of the fishy taste. We are focusing on the organoleptic properties to produce very good tasting and smelling oil, right until the finished product. We have worked for two years on both internal and external tasting panels who test our product itself, but also in the matrix. We have had very good results for the properties of the algal oils,” says Veronique Sanceau at the company.
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