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    Consumer and industry views on reformulation

    03 Apr 2018 DLG recently conducted a study into attitudes towards reformulation. “If you are talking about reformulation, you need to focus the customer and how to handle the needs,” notes Carola Herbst at DLG. “You need new ideas and when you change a recipe that all customer knows there are some effects on it, such as on sensory. If you have a lower sugar content, then you have another sensory feeling and it is not the same as what the customer knows. Then is the question is how to handle the situation so that in the end you get the same product or if you get another product and relaunch it. Both are possible, but technological considerations are required in both cases,” says Herbst. A look at the views of both consumers and developers on this important issue amid growing calls for lower sugar, fat and salt in NPD.
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