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    Oat fiber as a trending health ingredient

    09 Jan 2019 In November 2017, Naturex firmed up its presence in the natural nutrition market with the acquisition of Swedish Oat Fiber, a specialized manufacturer of oat dietary fibers, oils and proteins. Naturex, in turn now, has been acquired by Givaudan recently. Speaking to Nutritioninsightat HiE, Frankfurt 2018, Peo Crona said: “We only do oat-based products, such as oat beta-glucans, oat oil and oat flour. The sports nutrition market is one of the markets that the company is targeting where oat products can be mainly used as an instant powder for athletes or gym goers. When it comes to beta-glucans, oats have some excellent health claims. We are really going back to basics with these ingredients; they are clean label and very trendy among consumers.”
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