SPECIAL REPORT: New Expansion Platforms for Probiotics

08 Feb 2016 --- Digestive health remains one of the key food and beverage industry trends to watch for 2016, with probiotics offering a key platform for market growth. NutritionInsight looks at how consumption of healthy bacteria-containing products has increased globally, and what this means for the international manufacturers.

Novozymes to Divest Novozymes Biopharma Sweden

28 Oct 2011 --- As a consequence, Novozymes and Repligen Corp. have signed an agreement, whereby Repligen Corp. acquires Novozymes’ Biopharma Sweden activities.

New Centre for Molecular Epidemiology to Put Bacteria on the World Map

14 Dec 2009 --- In ten years' time, most if not all microbiological laboratories in the world will have a so-called sequenator at their disposal which will make it possible to quickly determine the DNA of bacteria, the researchers predict.